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Our School

Our School

Village East Elementary

Village East School was first established in 1974 and has undergone several grade level changes over the years.  The most recent change occurred with the merging of East Houma Elementary with Village East Middle School.  The 2018-2019 school year brought about the opening of Village East Elementary School with a make-up of students in grades K – 6.


Village East Elementary is a Title I school servicing approximately 450 students.  The goal of our administration, faculty, and staff is to provide students with a supportive and welcoming learning environment so that their experience as learners is a positive one.  Our faculty and staff work diligently to provide students with a high-quality curriculum that is aligned with district and state standards and goals.  Every child at Village East Elementary is provided with the tools and opportunities to assist them in reaching their full potential.


Village East Elementary is currently a C school with an assessment index of 60.0.  Both East Houma Elementary and Village East Middle saw tremendous student growth in 2017-18, and both schools received a state letter grade of “A” for student progress.  Village East Elementary is committed to upholding this trend and will continue to push forward to make our school the best that it can be.