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PBIS Expectations

PBIS School Wide Expectations

PBIS Acronym:






Classroom Expectation and Rules:

Positive- Only speak when spoken to and walk quietly to your seat. 

Respectful- Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

Integrity- Stay in your seat unless given permission to get out of your seat.

Determination- Raise your hand to be recognized.

Excellence- Follow all of the teacher's directions. 

Cafeteria Expectations and Rules:

Positive- Use proper noise level and walk quietly to your table.  

Respectful- Say "please" and "thank you" to cafeteria workers.

Integrity- Stay in your place in line.

Determination- Know your lunch number.  Use good table manners.

Excellence- Leave table and floor areas clean. 

Hallway Expectations and Rules:

Positive- Admire bulleting boards with your eyes only.   

Respectful- Walk quietly so others may continue learning.

Integrity- Possess a hall pass or written permission to be in hall without a teacher or adult. 

Determination- Pay attention to where you are going.  

Excellence- Make classroom transitions quiet and efficient.   

Restroom Expectations and Rules:

Positive- Be quick and quiet.  

Respectful- Respect others' space.

Integrity- Give others privacy.  

Determination- Waite patiently for your turn.

Excellence- Leave area clean upon exiting.   

Assembly Expectations and Rules:

Positive- Know that the purpose of the assembly is to learn. 

Respectful- Be attentive and participate with guest speakers. 

Integrity- Smile, listen, watch, and learn. 

Determination- Remain seated until the end of the presentation. 

Excellence- Use appropriate applause and voice level.